Dr Hilary du Cros is a long-time peke owner who started showing pekes when she was 10 years old. She made up several champions (including Chung Shui Crown Prince) under her mother's name before turning 16 and later registered Zhen Kennels under her own name in 1998 in Melbourne. A year later she moved with the dogs to Hong Kong for work. We loved Hong Kong continued on there and branched out to the United States as well all under the same kennel name. Champions over that time were HK Ch. Fulin Cao Cao (imp. Australia);  US Ch. Lotusgrange Beta By Design (imp. UK);  US Ch. Zhen Black Sabbath; US Ch. Zhen Firefly; US Ch. Pekius Honey Bee (imp UK) and US Ch. Zhen Watcher of the Dark. Our current focus is on black and tans, blacks, creams and heritage colors.

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